About me

Hello, my name is Viv, I am an experienced therapist in practice for over 16yrs working for MIND – IAPT and private practice. I offer a free half hour assessment for you to assess if you feel my style of therapy is for you. I can usually offer you an appointment within one week. The free half an hour assessment is only available at my Chelmsford practice and not with MIND in Colchester.

I also offer telephone therapy and skype www.zicari.net

Confidentiality I adhere to the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) code of ethics.

The counselling sessions take place in professional, private and comfortable surroundings on a one-to-one basis. I work with my clients, exploring personal concerns to find ways to resolve or manage them, in an open, non-judgmental manner, whether the issues are current or throughout your life including childhood.

I am an empowerment and integrative therapist working with a variety of therapy models. Below are some of the statements clients have put to me, if you feel you are identifying with any perhaps you would like to give me a call.

Why do I feel so depressed?
Why cant I motivate myself?
Why would anyone want to listen to me?
Why do I feel so anxious?

Why do I have panic attacks?
Why do I feel so stressed?

Why don’t I have any confidence?

Why do I feel so alone, invisible?
Why do my relationships always go wrong?
Why do I feel so bad about myself?
Why can’t I feel happy?
I have a problem with gambling

Why do I find it so hard to trust?
Why can’t I stand up for myself?
Why do I hate the way I look?
Why do I feel so guilty?

I am having problems with my spouse/partner
My spouse/partner or other beats me and abuses me
Why are my moods up and down?
Why do I have low self esteem?
Why do I feel so angry?

I have ASD Autism spectrum disorder
I have ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
I have BPD borderline personality disorder
I have OCD obsessive compulsive disorder

I cannot get over a bereavement

I have just been diagnosed