Covid 19 Let’s Talk About Fear

Fear is totally underrated, it comes before stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, fear is just the beginning, and we rarely listen.

The body is attempting to bring to our attention all is not well, it can give you a dry throat, thumping headache, churning stomach, body shivers, sleep disruption, guess what? We rarely listen.

Emotionally fear can make us feel irritated, agitated, disrupts sleep, feelings of doom, angry, aggressive, isolation, loneliness, helplessness, and feeling depressed.

When you think about fear it pretty much features in almost every aspect of your life.

Fear of change is common, we are creatures of habit, we like to feel we are in control, and we do not like change.

Fear of death, loss, health, job, work, money, anything new which requires us to step out-side our well-ordered box, introduces what if.

Some of us fear stepping into the spotlight, taking over, taking the controls, being answerable, having all that responsibility placed on our shoulders.

Covid 19 has highlighted that sense of fear ten-fold, but given the times we are currently living in, I think it is understandable, none of us know what the future holds. Uncertainty is all around, a breeding ground for fear.

Everything we normalised, felt safe with, could count on, is now questionable.

Covid 19 without a doubt has changed people’s mindset, but to what extent we are all unsure? One thing is for certain, many of us are feeling fear. Fear is our in-built early warning sign; it is attempting to bring to your awareness all is not well, take the time to listen to what your body is trying to tell you, quiet your mind, and recognise you are feeling fearful of your or another’s future. Do not let this feeling combined with emotion sit, and stagnate or the chances are if you ignore the initial warning signs, the body, and mind will up the ante, stress will begin to manifest, followed by anxiety, and those of you who have been diagnosed with anxiety will also know this mindset which originated as fear is a tough one to deal with.

Recognise how you are feeling, have a chat to yourself, be kind to yourself, reason with yourself. If you have someone you trust, communicate to them how you are feeling, you might be surprised to hear they are experiencing similar feelings.

One thing is for certain, you are not alone.

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