The entrepreneur and stress

Entrepreneurs have an alpha mindset, what do I mean by an alpha mindset?

Alphas are highly competitive and lean towards dominance, they have an innate desire to prove themselves to the point of exhaustion which often develops into obsessional behaviour. Driving themselves relentlessly, they will take on more than they can handle and experience little joy in their lives, and stress begins to manifest, this is the first stage. People generally tend to ignore this very important stage. They will put this negative feeling down to not sleeping, and overworking the primal survival mindset kicks in and, ploughing through regardless, takes over.

The second warning someone is under stress is for the body to recate:

  • Headaches
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Lackluster
  • Overeating/lack of appetite
  • Mind unable to switch off
  • Back/shoulder/neck ache

At this stage the non-alphas might mention one or more of the above to someone, but not the alpha, they must be in control, and nothing will distract them from their task at hand. It is only when they are stopped in their tracks, perhaps dizzy spells, high blood pressure or a more serious side effect, such as a heart attack, effectively putting an end to their all-consuming lifestyle.


Be mindful of your age, health status, the hours you work, the adrenaline input when thinking up your next scheme. Always be content with what you are doing, how you are living your life, or is it the finances you hope to reward yourself with, the overriding factor? You have the choice to tear through your life, burn out and then what? Or pace yourself, enjoy your work but also have a life.

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